Parents Need to be Proactive in Helping to Teach School Bus Safety

According to Susan Lawrence, an injury prevention coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s  Hospital Medical Center, many injuries happen when children are boarding or exiting a bus.  ” A blind spot extends about 10 feet in front of the bus, obstructing the driver’s view.  Oftentimes, children are not aware of this blind spot and might mistakenly believe that if they can see the bus, the bus driver can see them.”  As the school year is still young, it can be helpful for parents and children to go over school bus safety tips together.  She offers 11 specific suggestions to parents on how they can ensure their child is safe before, during, and after their school bus ride.

1.  The child needs to arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives.

2. Parents should encourage their child to avoid horseplay while waiting on the bus, as well as, during the trip.

3.  While on the bus, the child needs to remain seated, forward facing at all times and keep the aisles clear.

4. The child should not shout while on the bus or distract the driver unnecessarily.

5. The child needs to keep his head and arms inside the bus at all times.

6. The child should cross the street at least 10 feet (or 5 giant steps) in front of the bus.

7.  The child needs to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before exiting.

8. The child should look before stepping into the street to make sure there are no cars passing the bus.

9. The child needs to exit from the front of the bus.

10. The child should ask the bus driver for help if an item dropped while entering or exiting the bus. ( The should never go retrieve the item themselves)

11. When boarding or leaving the bus, parents should tell their child to always walk in a single file line and use the handrail to avoid falls.

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